First Response Bed Bug Overnight Monitor

First Response Bed Bug Overnight Monitor
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First Response Bed Bug Overnight Monitor

First Response Bed Bug Monitor Traps

Bed Bugs strike fear and disgust into many people and its automatically assumed that your home is dirty! This is simply not the case at all! Bed bugs are becoming a common pest problem and in some areas common place!

They are generally night-biting insects and will only come out during the day if hungry so making day-time inspections hard. They are flat and like to hide in small cracks and crevices, out of the light. During your inspection, look for live bed bugs, as well as their cast skins, eggs and faecal spots. In early infestations, you will probably spot their signs before the actual bugs. A bright light and/or a magnifying glass may help you search. Detecting a small bed bug population is incredibly difficult.

Using the First Response Bed Bug Trap system you can catch the first signs of an infestation and in turn allowing you to treat it quickly, before it becomes a problem. It is also helpful to confirm that a treatment has successfully removed a bed bug infestation.


This great trap system contains a lure, a heat pad and a sticky board trap. This basically mimics humans so bed bugs are attracted to the lure and carbon dioxide omitted and the sticky pad is there to catch them when they fall keeping them caught for your observation.


Each box contains two of the overnight traps. The First Response Bed Bug Monitor is designed to help you detect bed bug infestations at home or while traveling. Just set a trap up before you go to bed, check the trap in the morning. The trap is effective for 24 hours.

If possible, we suggest moving your bed while you're doing an inspection of the room to look for signs of bed bugs.

An established bed bug infestation has usually discovered the quickest route to get to their victims. Moving the bed disrupts their routine and forces them to search for you. This increases the effectiveness of the traps as they decoy the bed bugs onto the sticky trap and not on to you.

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