Rodents are classed as vermin and therefore have to be controlled.  You will normally only come across the 3 main ones, Rats, Mice and the grey squirrel.

All are capable of causing severe damage to property through their continuous gnawing.

As their incisor teeth grow continually throughout their lives they gnaw through necessity rather than choice to wear them down.

They carry various diseases which are transferred to man; they spoil food and leave droppings and urine around your home.   As these mammals have a very short reproductive cycle they can extend their colonies in an extremely short period of time resulting in massive numbers if not controlled.  They are then able to enter your home through various routes taking up residence in lofts, wall cavities and under floors.

We sell a variety or baits and poison, break back traps, glue boards and cages as well as humane methods and proofing options like air brick covers and repeller’s.

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