Difenacoum Rat & Mouse Poiosn Sachets 5 x 100g

Difenacoum Rat & Mouse Poiosn Sachets 5 x 100g
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Difenacoum Rat & Mouse Poiosn Sachets 5 x 100g

Rat & Mouse killer poison grain Difenacoum bait packs 10 x 100g

Raco Rat & Mouse Killer Poison Bait grain in 100g sachets, is an excellent poison and deadly both indoors and outdoors. It offers the user flexibility as to how much to offer at a time and the safety of it being self contained in a sachet.   This is high grade bait that rats and mice love with Difenacoum poison as the active ingredient that is very effective.  

Preferably this should be used with purpose manufacture bait boxes to prevent non-target exposure and to protect the environment. Simply pour into your chosen box or bait tray, lock and then place where there are known sightings, fresh droppings, damage or burrows and leave it to do its job!  When empty  re-fill your station and once the bait stops going you should have gained control.

  • Active Ingredient Difenacoum (0.005%)
  • Kills rats and mice indoors and outdoors.
  • Contains aniseed which is highly attractive to mice and rats.
  • Kills rats and mice resistant to earlier anticoagulants.


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