Mice are a common pest and classed as vermin. They can cause a great deal of damage from their gnawing and carry various infectious diseases such as Salmonella and they do also carry Weil’s disease.  Despite their cute look they have to be controlled if they find their way into your home. Once in they will not want to leave the comfort and warmth they have found as well as a food supply!

The way to rid you of these unwanted pests is buy various mouse traps, mouse poisons, mouse deterrents and mouse bait stations.  Here at Remove Pests we can help!

As a pest control company we only supply products that willcontrol all mouse infestations!

Remove Pests specialise in the supply of DIY pest control products. Pest Control Products from the UK's largest pest control supplier, including a wide range of Pest Repellents and Killers, poisons to combat rats, mice, fleas, bedbugs, flies, moth and many other pests.
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