Rat & Mouse grain bait poison 15 x 100g (1.5 KG) Difenacoum

Rat & Mouse grain bait poison 15 x 100g (1.5 KG) Difenacoum
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Rat & Mouse grain bait poison 15 x 100g (1.5 KG) Difenacoum

Raco 100g sachets of grain may be small in size but deliver the punch needed to take out both Rats and Mice. Each individual sachet is filled with highly irresistible grain poison with a strong attractant to entice the rodents to feed, thus a quick control is achieved.

Treatment is extremely easy and effective, simply take one of the sachets, place securely where rats and mice are feeding or are known to be active like , along runways , where droppings have been sighted or the rodent itself and let the poison do the rest.  One bait pack can potentially kill a up to 10 mice or 2 rats. The bait packs are edible and cleverly designed to allow the smell of the attractants out, yet keep the bait in very good condition against any extremes in weather.

We advise that they are used in one of our purpose designed bait stations to prevent non-target species gaining access.

  • Active Ingredient Difenacoum (0.005%)
  • Kills rats and mice indoors and outdoors.
  • Contains aniseed which is highly attractive to mice and rats.
  • Kills rats and mice resistant to earlier anticoagulants (i.e. Warfarin).

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